Hepatilon 2014

Ritmoneuran RTM

Light effect Anxiolytic

Ritmoneuran RTM


Light effect Anxiolytic


  • - Passiflora incarnata dry extract


Ritmoneuran acts in the central nervous system producing sedative effect, prolonging the sleep period. Your physician is the most qualified person to provide you with more information about the treatment. Always follow the instructions. There must not be used dosage superior to the one prescribed.


Indicated for treating irritability, nervous agitation, insomnia treatment and anxiety disorders.


Patients previously diagnosed hypersensitive to any of the excipients must not make use of the product. Pregnant women or in lactation period must not make use of the product without the advice from a physician, due to the presence of indole alkaloids such as harmala, harmine and their derived substances in the vegetable species. Pre-clinic studies report the uterine stimulation for these alkaloids. This drug must not be used along with alcoholic consumption. Also, it must not be used associated with other drugs with such effects as sedative, anti-hystaminic and hypnotic. Children younger than 12 years old must not make use of this drug without the advice of a physician.


  • - Box of 20 capsules Reg. M.S. 1.0689.0163.001-7

  • - Box of 40 capsules Reg. M.S. 1.0689.0163.008-4

  • - Bottle of 100 mL Reg. M.S. 1.0689.0163.003-3

  • - Display with 24 tubs with 10mL each Reg. M.S. 1.0689.0163.004-1

  • - Display with 30 blisters with 4 capsules each Reg. M.S. 1.0689.0163.009-2

If symptoms persist, consult with your doctor.